1) Dear Penn,


Sunday Eucharist Liturgical Dance

I’m a 39 year old mechanical engineering tech from Cleveland.  I’m also a Catholic.  A few years before I was born my church got a little “experimental” with how they did things, and as a result my generation was taught a diluted version of the Catholic faith.  I had to do the research myself to find out what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

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I got angry and defensive about some of the things the Church taught, but I had a rule:  feelings count for nothing; only facts count.  The following is a sampling of what I found.  I don’t intend to argue whether God exists, the inerrancy of the bible, or anything like that.  I just want to show that the secular evidence I thought would disprove the Church’s most controversial teachings actually supports them. I’m an atheist at heart and you are an atheist in fact, so I am interested in your opinion.  Even if we disagree, I know you respect evidence and have a reasonable sense of incredulity.


5 Comments to “1) Dear Penn,”

  1. Nice blog, Becky. Very articulate and thoughtful. Did you ever hear from Penn?

  2. Thanks! Didn’t hear from him. Are you one of the Archibolds? I read CMR every day.

  3. Hey Becky,
    love your blog, well outlined, thought out, and easy to understand. I’m an engineer and Confirmation catechist as well. These information will be the sword and shield for young Catholics I teach who are into science, have questions, doubts, etc. Thanks!

  4. Dear Becky as a convert to the catholic church of 30 years I am very impressed with your research and love of the church. Thanks I will bookmark your site and read it again and again. I am an engineer, an ex-naval pilot, a painter and where there is God there is beauty. I live in Prague now. A city which for 40 years lived in atheist heaven and it was without beauty because there was no God. see http://www.getpragued.com to see my city. from atheist decay of a beautiful city into a reborn Prague. Building which had lasted 400 years turned into mud in 40 years.
    Unless the Lord builds…

  5. Becky – what an incredible job you have done here. I, too, will bookmark this and reread as often as able. So sad that you never heard from Penn, but he probably doesn’t really know what he believes anyway. God’s blessing to you. Keep up the good work!

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